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Paul Peters founded Iris Antique Globes in 1992 after becoming  truly fascinated by these magnificent articles. The company has many decades experience in the buying and selling of antique globes and maps.

One of the most popular of modern collectibles is the globe, because of its variation in size and attractive appearance, usually mounted in a finely crafted wooden stand. Globes are also functional, for those from the nineteenth century contain most of the known geographical features and all the prominent star positions.

From our showroom we sell historically important and decorative globes and similar instruments to collectors, universities, museums and other institutions worldwide, as well as international companies. We are always interested in purchasing new material, whether a single item or a complete set or collection.

Our collection of globes contains items from the 16th to the beginning of the 19th century.
In our collection you will find terrestrial and celestial globes of a wide range of types, library, table, miniature and pocket models, but also armillary spheres, tellurium’s, planetaria, and globe curiosities.

The map section is concentrated on framed large wall maps from the period of the 16th to the mid-19th century.

Customers considering the acquisition of an object from our collection will receive an extensive description, accompanied by digital pictures of the item of their choice.
A certificate of Authenticity will be provided with all items on request.

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Paul Peeters

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T. + 31 313 656161

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